New concept Intuitive eating

Hi all I wanted to update as I had spoken previously about my aims to lose weight and doing so by calorie counting.

I had started out on that journey lost 3lbs in the first 3 days but by day 4 I was already finding it restrictive. I started to feel down and feel like is this how life has to be when it comes to food? Counting calculating etc

I came across a lady I follow on Instagram talking about how she is now intuitively eating. I’d heard her speak about it a few times, she had previously been a member of a slimming group I had also been a member of. This time however I took notice

I reached out to her and she directed me to a very helpful page that supports Intuitive eating whom I found fantastic for answering my questions. I also researched it on the Web and gathered information for myself from different sources.

The idea is new to me but I believe it started in the 90s. The idea of having freedom to eat basically. Listening to your bodys queues and seeing food as not categorised into good or bad foods but “just food”. I slowly stated to find myself trying out the idea and 3 days in I can’t tell you the peace I finally have in myself. I really feel my relationship with food is starting to heal. We are so bombarded by diet culture and being thin being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Its so mentally draining

I’m still battling with the desire and pressure to look a certain size. From what I gather when you learn to listen to your body and eat according to that it becomes habit and your body settles or stabalises at a weight that is individual to you and your body.

Binge eating and food guilt is something I’ve been struggling with and intuitive eating helps with that by taking the guilt and restriction away. For years I haven’t been able to eat “a few” biscuits I would have to eat nearly the whole pack resulting in me not feeling good.

Some major (for me) breakthrough’s have happened since I’ve started. One I turned down a takeaway when I was very hungry. I thought about whether I wanted a takeaway, not thinking it was a good or bad choice but that it was “just food” and asked myself did I want to eat it. I decided no I didn’t, I’d actually love some pasta. Two I had a packet of biscuits in the press and actually forgot about them! I would have been so aware normally that they were there. And today I actually sat down with the packet ate 3 and felt totally satisfied. I didn’t want anymore but knew if I did I could have them. I didn’t eat so many that I felt sickly. I ate to satisfaction.

I’m definitely only starting out in my journey but already my mind feels so much better and these seemingly small breakthroughs are monumental for me, I’m sure any of you that have been struggling with weight issues, body image, binge eating etc can relate.

We all deserve to be happy and have a healthy relationship with food and be happy in our own skin and that’s where I’m hoping to get to 🤞❤️

Diets, meal replacements, weight issues and smoothies 🙃😕

Hi all hope you are keeping well

Things are a bit crazy at the moment most of us are stuck in due to the worldwide covid19 pandemic and between stress and boredom a lot of us (myself for definite) are gaining weight

I’m so guilty of not doing this but please firstly be kind to yourself. We are all in the same boat. Don’t beat yourself up

I don’t promote any weight loss groups, diets, etc I have tried lots and they don’t work. I’m at the heaviest I have ever been and I will just be honest about what I’m doing and my opinion.

I noticed certain influencers promoting meal replacement drinks, exercise equipment, diets, apps. It’s easy to get taken it when your desperate and feeling like 💩 but in my opinion it’s all an unnecessary waste of money

Now what I do as I said may not be for everyone but I am going back to what worked for me in the past – calorie counting. However unlike what I did in the past my aim is to go for healthy foods. Proteins like lean chicken, beef, eggs. Superfoods like spinach and avocado. Wholemeal carbs like bread, pasta, noodles, rice. But I will allow myself the odd treat and I do believe in using up what you have in the press and freezer.

Also unlike the past I don’t plan to restrict myself and try to eat as little kcals as possible. I plan to have my calorie allowance and if I need a little more on a day where I’m extra hungry I will have something healthy. Restriction leads to binging for me something I struggle with

I also just purchased a smoothie maker as my old one broke. I mean who needs meal replacements when you can get up and make a fresh smoothie and know exactly what’s in it. I want to try a chocolate mint one 😍 I did find a recipe online with Bananas, spinach, dark choc chips, mint essence which sounded really good! Great for baba also

Any suggestions or comments don’t be afraid to pop them down below 😊

Update on my life 2020

Hi all wow its been over 3 years since I posted here!

A lot has happened 🙂

I’m a mama now and engaged to my best friend for a start

I still love makeup but it’s hard to get the time now I have to admit

I want to start doing regular blogs now (some makeup still) but also on all my new life experiences and things that others may be able to relate to

With all that’s going on around us at the moment it’s nice to zone out and focus on something else for a while ❤️

Makeup Revolution lipsticks 💄


Having gotten the Makeup Revolution advent calender for Christmas, I got to try these lipsticks out for the first time.

There is a nice range of colours including a cold pink undertoned nude shade and a warm orange undertoned nude.

The lipsticks are very creamy which, if like me you have had dry lips from the colder weather, is of benefit.

I did find the darker shades lasted on the lips longer without needing to be reapplied compared to the nudes. Overall these lipsticks are great for the price retailing at about €1.39/£1 and make great everyday lippy’s 💄

Penny’s/Primark makeup haul

P.S makeup haul

Yesterday I picked up a makeup brush holder for €2.50, a P.S Nudes palette for €2.50 and the P.S Illuminate me cream highlighter set for €4.50.

The makeup brush holder is cute and convenient. Although the lid does come off I would recommend it for smaller and medium length brushes as the weight of larger would topple it over.

Penny’s/Primark clear makeup brush holder

The Eyeshadow palette has some really nice shades mainly browns but also a white, a gold and some peachy brown shades – nice everyday colours. I couldn’t help noticing the similarity between this palette and the Mac Amber times nine eyeshadow palette I had although there is a staggering price difference €33 vs €2.50.

P.S nudes palette vs MAC Amber Times Nine palette

Iam a big fan of Mac but I have to say the pigment in the Amber times nine palette was dissapointing and I actually prefer Penny’s P.S Nudes palette. See the nine shades swatched below:

P.S nudes palette swatches

Finally onto the P.S Illuminate me cream highlighter set. I was really excited to find this product. There are 5 shades ranging from white, pinks, nudes and a darker bronze shade. All of the shades are highlighters. I have swatched the shades below:

P.S illuminate me cream highlighter

There is a guide with the set and a mirror. I think its a great idea which allows for different looks 😊 Overall I am impressed with everything I got and feel Penny’s/Primarks brand P.S is a real competitor for the more expensive brands.

P.S illuminate me cream highlighter set


Review: Essence New 2 in 1 makeup and concealer

Essence 2 in 1 makeup and concealer

As someone with extremely fair skin, I do struggle to find a drugstore foundation pale enough for me (2 of my favourite high end foundations at the moment being Mac studio and Urban Decays Naked skin) and have tried other Essence foundations in their lighest shades only to find they looked orange on me.

This product which is marketed as a concealer and foundation in one has impressed me. I first tried the tester for it in store (I reccomend you go out into the daylight to see how colour looks when testing) and it appeared to match my skin.

The product comes in 3 shades presently, 10 ivory beige – which I purchased, 20 nude beige and 30 honey beige.

In my opinion you would need a concealer with this but it makes for an excellent foundation especially for the price (€4.80)

On the back the description describes the product as being “Matte” which I would agree with and feel it would definitely suit anyone with oily skin and gives a “flawless finish without a mask-effect” again I would agree as the product is light feeling but has got a decent coverage I would say medium.

As reccomended on the back I applied with a (damp) sponge – Real techniques beauty blender. Pennys/Primark also do great beauty blenders ideal for people on a budget which I plan to mention in another blog.

In summery this is a great budget friendly product I would personally class as a foundation which I found to be just as long lasting as other more expensive brands, ideal for oily skin and great for everyday use.

Review: New Urban Decay Vice Reloaded XX Limited Edition Palette


I recently purchased the new Urban Decay Vice Reloaded Ltd XX Palette along with their Naked skin Foundation and concealer (I plan to review at some stage) and received a free sample of the All Nighter Setting Spray which I am excited to try out 🙂

I always have high expectations from Urban Decay when it comes to eye shadows as the first expensive makeup I ever bought at 18 was the Urban Decay NYC Palette which I still love!


The outer box on the New Palette is a gorgeous purple design. The Palette itself is an all black casing with the logo raised in purple.


Urban Decay claims the Palette to have been 20 years in the making. It contains 20 shades some of which may be familiar as there are throwback, current and new shades included. The mirror in the Palette is large and the Palette is opened with a button which opens the Palette at a tilt to a convenient angle for application. A two sided brush is also included.

I found the large mirror very useful. I also liked the variety of colors and shades. I found as expected the pigment did not disappoint. There are slightly different consistencies in that some shadows are sparkly some matte and some creamy vs some more dusty.

Overall I found this a great Palette. The quality of the shadows are amazing and as there are a wide variety of shades its a great palette for anyone who likes to play around with different looks. Also the shades can be used as eyeliners. Using a thin eyeliner brush and water or a product such as Mac studio fix spray to wet the brush, dip in to a chosen color to create a liner. Definitely a 1o/1o for this product from me. I have shown below swatches and an example of a look which can be created using shades Roadstripe, Laced, Anonymous and one of my favorites the coppery orange shade, Gash.